Mobile Learning Technologies and Assessment Methods

Colegio Santa María-Marianistas

Santa María Marianistas School was founded in Valencia on September 3, 1946 by the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate (Marianists). 

 From its origins the school is defined as a non-profit Catholic schooland at the service of the evangelizing mission of the Church.

 The education given in our center helps to train children and young people to become open and responsible adults who know how to find their place in society to build a more human world. Our goal is to help our students to build their lives with meaning, for this we accompany them in the development of a healthy self-esteem, the cultivation of interiority, the growth in faith, the development of their physical, intellectual and emotional capacities.



  • Unit of the educational COMMUNITY. Simple, respectful treatment and warm welcome. Presence and constructive participation to solve the difficulties. Hope in the possibility of development of people.


The Santa María School is an arranged center with the following educational levels:

  • 2nd cycle of Early Childhood Education (3, 4 and 5 years)
  • Primary education (6 to 12 years)
  • Compulsory Secondary Education (13 to 16 years old)


School facilities:

library, chapel, school canteen, gymnasium, laboratory, teachers' rooms, ample recreation and entertainment areas, ample gardens, an elevator, a music room, an orientation classroom, a classroom for therapeutic pedagogy, a plastic classroom, a psychomotor classroom, a classroom for Technology, Computer rooms, Offices: Representative of the Entity, Pedagogical Direction, and Pastoral, Sports facilities, Headquarters of Studies, Nap Room, Teachers' Rooms, Assembly Hall, Common Services: Concierge, Secretary and Administration.


ERASMUS + K209 project:

The European Commission has approved an Erasmus + project for the next three school years. It is a Strategic Association KA219 with the Metis videregående school in Bergen in Norway and with the Wildermuth Gymnasium in Tübingen in Germany. This initiative will result in an  exchange of good practicesamong the education professionals of the three European schools, as well as in activities that will involve the students of the three schools and who will be able to work within the framework of this project called  'Mobile learning and assessment methods': learning based on the use of ICTs, information and communication technologies, and evaluation methods. 

Our center has been advancing in methodological innovation, and part of that evolution is based on ICTs, cooperative work, multiple intelligences, in which the student is the manager of their own learning. It is, therefore, that we have also been developing activities and methods for assessing the progress of students through hetero-evaluation, co-assessment and self-assessment rubrics.

We belong since its inception in 2011 to the Network of Plurilingual Centers of the Valencian Community. Therefore, we give special importance to languages, teaching non-linguistic subjects in Valencian and English. We give Secondary students the opportunity to participate in exchanges with Santa Monica School in Manchester (United Kingdom) and  Wildermuth Gymnasium in Tübingen (Germany).

Santa María-Marianistas School is recognized as Cambridge English School. We have an English program that integrates materials and certifications recognized worldwide, thanks to the partnership established with Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Language Assesment, two departments of the prestigious University of Cambridge. Throughout the schooling, students will be able to take the Cambridge Exams(Starters - Movers -Flyers - Ket -Pet - FCE) and obtain a certification that will open many doors in their academic and professional future


Incorporating new technologiesat all levels of teaching, our teachers use the methodologies that best help students in their learning process and in the development of the necessary skills to function in the future (problem-based learning and projects, individual learning and cooperative).

From Infant Education we implanted a method based on the multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner, and within the integral education we work so that students develop the spiritual intelligence, that will help them to have a healthy self-esteem, emotional balance and to orient their life with sense .



From 5th of primary to 4th ESO, students can be part of Fent Camí Marianistas Youth Association, participating in weekly activities, team building activities, outings to nature, summer camp, among others.



  • Cultural visits and excursions
  • Training talks
  • Assistance to theatre performances in Valencian, Spanish and English language
  • Musical auditions



  • Morning childcare service from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • School canteen service
  • Library
  • Guidance Department
  • Website and school magazine "Som Marianistas"
  • Educational talks for parents
  • Great variety of extracurricular activities: (body and musical expression, modern dance, drawing and painting), sports (indoor soccer, basketball, judo, rhythmic gymnastics, skates) and intellectuals (English, supervised study), besides putting values ​​into practice as important today as teamwork, effort, perseverance or intelligent use of free time.



Parents of students can associate according to current regulations. The parents' association is governed by the own statutes approved by the associates in the General Assembly.