Mobile Learning Technologies and Assessment Methods

Wildermuth-Gymnasium TÜBINGEN, Germany 

The Wildermuth-Gymnasium is the largest of the four general high schools in Tübingen. Due to our renowned focus of music, which was introduced in 1973, the size of our school enables us, and simultaneously demands, a wide range of educational schemes that can measure up to all types of aptitudes. Although the aesthetic education at the Wildermuth-Gymnasium is given special importance, we offer four equivalent profiles that guarantee differentiated individual support.

In addition to the primary daily efforts to provide highly-qualified classes at the core of every successful school, the Wildermuth-Gymnasium is characterized by an enormous range of extra-curricular activities, especially in the fields of arts, music and sports. In addition, there are various modules, clubs and activities to help our pupil to develop methodical and social skills in order to enrich their problem solving competences. Correspondingly  we emphasize the importance of intercultural skills, therefore we offer a wide variety of student exchange programs and international encounters to give our pupils the important occasion to grow within intercultural and international frameworks.

We at Wildermuth-Gymnasium Tübingen as a school for secondary education from 5 th grade to A-levels foster the students, who have been entrusted to us, in their development to personalities who understand themselves as responsible and active members of a democratic society in which they should be enabled to act accordingly.

Education to us is a constant and lifelong process of a person’s development, through which she/he deepenes her/his personal, social and practical and professional skills, capacities and knowledge. Education takes time and space for reflection.

In addition to the competences directly demanded by society and the professional world, personal and political education is equally important in order to enable our students to understand the global and local world and to reflect it.

Our school provides a space for children and juveniles in which they can develop and show their abilities. We promote and demand a respectful and reliable attitude of all.

At our school, emphasis is put on health-conscious and ecological action.

In a climate of mutual appreciation, all those involved in school life are encouraged to perform and to develop their talents as best as possible.


Humanity and democracy

Beyond all professional and personal requirements, we respect the dignity and uniqueness of each individual as a high and non-questionable good. Moral education takes place throughout the school life.

At Wildermuth students have numerous opportunities to get involved in school life and to commit themselves in selfless work for others.

In our opinion, education also includes the courage to resist inhumanity and to promote justice and social concerns. The willingness to use reason, to express criticism, to reach understanding and to take on responsibility for oneself and others outlines the basis for it.


Intercultural Learning

Exchange programs with Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA) (German American Partnership Program), Aix-en-Provence, Azay le Rideau, Genas, Luzarches (France), Valencia (Spain) and Wimbledon, Harrogate and London (UKhelp our students enormously to immerse into unique cultural scenarios and learn about intercultural traditions and lifestyles and help them to develop a state of open-mindedness and mutual understanding.


Aesthetic education

As a school with a major in music, we attach distinct significance to musical education. Orchestra, choir and band activities are of fundamental importance. 
Additionally, with four different clubs in performing arts, many performances for the school community and the public are indispensable feature at Wildermuth. 
In general, creativity and commitment shape our school life as a whole.


The school is located in the center of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


The Kreismedienzentrum Tübingen supports schools and school authorities in its catchment area at all levels of learning and teaching with digital media and all kinds of devices.